The essence of cinema is the aspects that are unique to the art form. Cinema’s original contribution to the arts is the editing and cinematography of the moving image. Film Art is meaning production through rythm, color, composition, movement, communication of spacial relations.. This is pure cinema.                                                                                             To me film is to do with dreams. One of the highest achievements of the cinematic form is fusing film and viewer into one.  Time and space outside the filmic universe ceases to exist. Some compare that process to a form of madness. Film resembles an authoritative world we all have access to; our subconscious universe.                                                                                                                      The essence of cinema is using film’s own visual language to create meaning. That language has its own vocabulary and intrinsic characteristics distinct from those of our written language. Cinema is a language all its own.

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  1. Steffen Says:

    still, EPIC

  2. Selveste majmaj Says:

    Well written:)

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