Bangkok Dangerous -Why the critics were wrong

OneSheet (Page 1)bangkokdag03So is Nicolas Cage’s latest as bad as announced? A quick look at suggests a dismal 9% positive reviews. I checked it out the other day and in fact, as it turns out, it’s not at all bad.  If you take a look at some of the reviews you will notice that the cpomplaints are about story, character, and the usual literary complaints by literary trained critics. Is the movie great? Far from it. But it is pretty good.

Bangokok Dangerous has some quite striking visuals, the cinematography is well above the norm for the standard contract killer fare.  Interesting use of color, and and sharp crystal clear images with nice deep focus/split focus. Add to that a pulsating score and you’ve got one of the better recent examples in this this genre.

The most original cinematic scene occurs when cage is out walking in a park with his deaf-mute girlfriend. She walks slightly ahead of him and suddenly we see behind her, in a blue haze, Cage being attacked by several contract killers while the sound is muted, suggesting the deaf-mute’s point of view.

The movie is quite slow, and with an unconventional downbeat ending that is sure to keep american audiences away.  However, visually it holds it’s own -it’s more original than most.


One Response to “Bangkok Dangerous -Why the critics were wrong”

  1. Mike T. Says:

    Hello, I just recently found your blog and have been reading the posts — they are very enjoyable. You are certainly a knowledgeable critic and approach cinema intellectually, a refreshing voice in a sea of otherwise awful reviews praising mindless dribble and not even acknowledging (and, unfortunately, probably not even aware) of films by Wong Kar Wai.

    That being said, I have noticed in you a strange trend that is rare amongst intelligent cinephiles: an appreciation for Nic Cage.I acknowledge his earlier work as, at its best, good, but those few films are hidden amongst dozens of awful films (including everything he has made recently). It’s hard to explain why Nic Cage is bad, because his awfulness seems to be self-evident. It’s like trying to explain why an obviously unenjoyable pungent aroma smells foul — it just does.

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